Greg is a philosopher, political scientist and social scientist; a graduate of London School of Economics (philosophy of science, MSc.), Maastricht University (social sciences, MA.), Jagiellonian University (philosophy, MA.) and Tischner European University (international relations, BA.). Within his PhD at Jagiellonian University he focuses on comparative civilizations and organizational complexity.

Between 2011 and 2016 he authored more than 250 publications on international affairs and popular science in Wprost weekly magazine – the most influential weekly magazine in Poland at the time. He is also a TEDx speaker, co-founder of Institute of Research on Civilizations in Krakow and author of reports in the projects financed by the European Commission (cultural mediation, migration) and the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (collective identity, geopolitics). In 2008 he served as international observer at United Nations Commission on Social Development in New York. Alumnus of Goodenough College (London).

In 2016 together with Piotr Arak he created State Power Index, a balanced, index of state power (1991-2016) that measures national capabilties of all coutries in the world in 7 dimensions as diverse as economics, culture, militarisation or geography.

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